Ethos Group

Our Ethos Group is made up of representatives from each year in school.  We work with Mrs Battersby, Mrs Iveson (Foundation Governor) and Reverend Nick to promote the Christian Values and Ethos of our school.  

Following on from Mrs Iveson’s visit and learning walk with the Ethos Group before Christmas, the Ethos Group met with Reverend Nick and Mrs Battersby (26th January 2017) to discuss a number of initiatives:

  • To elicit the help of the Ethos Group to launch a newly formed club.  To decide a name for this club to run on Thursdays after school 3-4pm from after February half term – Ethos Time (ET) was suggested by one child.  RB suggested that each member of the group took this back to their classes for input.  
  • To talk about the Ethos Group leading the final collective worship for each Christian Value; a sort of summing up of the work over the half term.
  • To distribute the information Reverend Nick brought in about The Priory Candlemas Service.

Reverend Nick and Mrs Battersby agreed that a termly Ethos Group learning walk would be valuable, followed by a meeting regarding new initiatives and how actions from the last meeting were coming along. 

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