Class 1 - The Busy Bee Class 2018 - 2019

Mrs Walker

Mrs Walker

Hello! I am the class 1 teacher. Prior to teaching class 1, I had the pleasure of teaching years 2 and 3 at Cartmel and a year 3 class in Camden, London. Teaching is a true vocation for me and I love planning activities to excite and motivate my class. In addition to my teaching responsibilities I am the subject leader for: Literacy, History and Geography.

Miss Taylor-Crozier

Miss Taylor-Crozier

Hello! I teach class 1 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have previously been a supply teacher and taught at a school in Barrow-in-Furness. I love teaching PE, geography and allowing the children to have hands on learning opportunities outdoors such as in Forest Schools.

Class 1 - The Busy Bee Class: Blog items

Welcome to our class page! The children in the Busy Bee class are taught in different ways throughout the day. We have a variety of approaches including focus group activities, whole class activities, self-initiated activities and objective-led planning. At the beginning of each term we set off with a topic or theme in mind which we think will interest and motivate our eager learners, but we are flexible in our approach and shape our planning to match the evolving interests of the children within our class.

Autumn Term (2) 2018 

In the second half of this term our topic will be: Journeys. 

This half term quality texts will guide our learning. We will use the stories: The Gingerbread Man, Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy, we will also share the story of Mary and Jesus’s journey to Bethlehem and think about the migration journey that some animals make. The lead up to Christmas can get very exciting! Children will be learning new songs, making crafts and taking part in some drama activities.  

Through the teaching of Journeys, the following curriculum areas will be covered:  

English: writing: lists, poems, stories with unfamiliar/fantasy settings, information texts and letters. We will use a variety of texts to complement our topic learning including Lost and Found. 

Maths: developing skills in number, position and direction, money, estimating, teen numbers and making pictograms of transport in our village.  

Science: learning about animals. Children will learn about some of the differences between mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds.  

Design and Technology: using our new wood work area! We will be hammering and sawing to make independently designed creations with some moving parts.  

History: learning about how people have travelled in the past.  

Geography: developing their fieldwork skills by taking a walk around our community and identifying some of the features and facilities available to us and comparing these to what can be found in a town or city.  

PSHE: thinking about ‘Going for Goals!’ an important opportunity for all children’s abilities, qualities and strengths to be valued.   

ICT: looking at digital media, graphics, media and sound.  

In PE children will be learning how to play some team and chasing games. They will practise moving in different ways and getting into spaces.  

In RE children will continue learning some of the stories taught by Jesus and will learn about why Christians give gifts at Christmas. 

Phonics and Spellings 

Children in Reception and Year 1 have a daily phonics session each morning where they practise sounds already taught and learn new phonemes and graphemes through Letters and Sounds. 


Our reading books are banded into different colours. Children are heard reading at least twice a week within school, either 1:1 with their own book or as part of a guided session. Children also take part in headstart reading comprehension activities and share their books with a book buddy. Please can children try and read every day at home as this helps to improve blending, comprehension, grammar and spelling and most importantly helps to develop a life-long love of reading for pleasure.  

Please read our blogs which are updated each week to keep up to date with children’s learning. 

Mrs Walker, Miss Taylor-Crozier, Miss Lace and Mrs Bowden



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