Stig of the Dump

Date: 10th Feb 2016 @ 5:55pm

This term we are reading 'Stig of the Dump'. Stig of the Dump is a children's novel by Clive King published in 1963. It is regarded as a modern children's classic.

The children have been using their detective skills to 'infer and deduce' what they think the story is about.

Honor was happy to read this exciting story to her class.

In the story Barney said that carrots are his favourite fruit.  This promoted discussion about the differences between vegetables and fruits.  What makes a fruit a 'fruit' and a vegetable a 'vegetable'?

The children are keen to find out in what category the 'cucumber' falls in!

The general rule is that an edible plant can be categorised as a fruit if it has seeds, but if it is seedless, it is generally a vegetable. More than half of the people surveyed knew that tomatoes were a fruit while 34 per cent correctly placed cucumbers in the fruit family (The Telegraph, June 2013)

What do you think?

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