Headteacher Friday Update 8th November 2019

Date: 8th Nov 2019 @ 4:28pm

Classes 2 and 3 enjoyed a visit to The Priory on Monday to learn about the Rusland Movement and their design and making of the beautiful, intricate furniture.  They were exemplary in behaviour at The Priory, which was commented on by a number of people and asked super questions of our guide Dan.

Mr Russell visited Class 3 for a science workshop, where the children learned more about fair testing.

Today the week has finished with an Art Skills Day.  It has been my priviledge to share time in each class, looking at learning and engaging with the children through their artwork.  Class 1 were studying a shades of blue colour wheel followed by Lowry.  They painted backgrounds by mixing poster paints and then used pen to draw buildings.  Finally they each designed four Lowry figures which will all be cut out and superimposed to create the foreground of the pictures.

Class 2 were studying portraits and each did their own.  They watched a video on step by step facial alignment and then mapped out their portraits.  They made a really good job of a challenging exercise. They have also been looking at Andy Warhol Pop Art.

Class 3 have done pencil sketches of WW2 planes and tanks, using a variety of different pencils 2B, 4B etc.  Their observational work was incredible and the perpective they have in them simply amazing!  This afternoon they got very messy making modrock planets.  Apologies for the splashes on uniform...they wore their aprons but it is a very messy medium!  Apart from a few burst balloons on the way, they are starting to take shape and will make a great display in line with their science topic this half term.

Wishing you all a great weekend.


Mrs Battersby

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